Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gorgeous Goal.

Darlington Nagbe (and I doubt that's his showbiz name) from the Portland.... Portland... why can't I remember the name of the MLS team from Portland? Anyhoo, he hit a goal against Sporting Kansas City this past weekend that was prettier than your first girlfriend.

See it on YouTube here.

If you're an MLS fan you've probably seen this, but it's worth seeing again.

Of course, I know there's some smart-ass who's probably going to ask "Why did he have to touch it twice before he shot it?" but that's the cool part if you ask me. He freakin' caught it with his right foot then, with the same foot, juggled it up to just the right height and express-laned it into the goal. He touched it twice because he was cooler than everyone else on the field just then. That's why.

A really fantastic effort.


  1. I know I'm way late to this, just decided to check your page on a whim here lol, but the MLS team in Portland is called the Timbers.


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