Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Found this guy's incredible video of himself hand-drawing his own animated scenes from select Terminator movies.

It's on YouTube here.

It must've taken him forever. I've never done animation myself, but I had a show that was on TV very briefly called The Green Screen Show where we did improv in front of a green screen and animated all the action around us. It was kind of a trippy, get-high show and never took off, but I learned first hand what a pain in the ass is it to do animation. It's really tedious work, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't have the gift of dogged determination.

Good work Rymdreglage!


  1. You rock Drew! I will bookmark and try to keep an eye on this blog. Keep up the great work. Best wishes to you and yours.

  2. Oh yeah. The video was fantastic. Thank you for posting. There are some amazing people out there and this is proof.

    As always best of wishes.

  3. All that TPIR money and you still have a free blog, awesome. I really dislike most celebs websites. A blog on blogspot though, that's something I can agree with.
    Thanks for all the years of entertainment, keep up the good work.

  4. Thanx for your body of work, Homeboy!!

  5. I love that you posted again in here.. i wish youd post more, but i know youre a busy man.. just wanted to say how much i sincerely love you.. i used to watch you in The Drew Careys Show but it took me till Whose Line to absolutly fall in love for you.. (this is in no way a love letter, i just want to express my admiration)
    i think you are truly a good person and that seems so hard to find these days.. i always like the way that when you smiled your face looked like an japanese anime cartoon.. your glasses and your chubby belly.. its been so great to watch you transform and seeing you get so confident from your weight loss.. you look so GREAT and even younger.. you sure are an inspiration for a lot of people.. when i heard you started to doing photography for soccer i felt so happy.. im from brazil and you know we love soccer.. i wish i could meet you but living here i know this will NEVER happen.. i dont even know if youre gonna read this.. i just wanted to say how much i like you and wish you all the happiness you can get, because i feel like you deserve it..

  6. Having tried my hand at animation, I agree. It's a complete pain, but satisfying, too. :) ...Though for me, at least, the pain part way outweighed the satisfaction. :P

    And speaking of your awesome shows, do you think there's any chance of seeing Either Green Screen or Improvaganza on DVD in the near future? Preferably with extended games. ^_^

  7. Hi, Drew. So wonderful you are. I felt as if you have taken me on this journey of yours. I have been struggling, and out of work. Will you please take the time to read about me. MY FAT LIFE www.lindagallagher.wordpress.com a fat funny sad adopted gal from Brooklyn, NY with issues still. The break today of a kind word from you would change my cheeks to rosie red.


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