Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Greetings From London

A lazy, relaxing day in London today. Decided to stay here a few days before heading to South Africa for the entire World Cup. I have tickets to the opening game, the final, all the US games, and a few others.

I'll be blogging regularly (finally) about my experiences there so stay tuned!


- Drew

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Location:London, England


  1. Looking forward to the blogs, dude. Should be a good tournament.

  2. Ah, thats great to hear, and awesome to start seeing the blog being updated again!

  3. the person this blog is from , watches you every single day, i had to explain to him you played the accordian he did not know, he loves the price is right, and whos line is it... i watched the drew carey show ( that is not capitalized sorry.. but putting plastic cups of beer with accordian music , and price is right and anyway its all a little nutz .. i hope you don't post this comment. hi , ive never been to cleveland ,im guessing you like danishes and breakfast food.

  4. alternative country your just kidding right? maybe ? well the old stuff is good, kinda... its real dreary
    this will be the last comment .= ) i always think you are a cool guy , and look great in a suit. and youd probably be what , number 2 polka guy of cleveland. i like your glasses, my neice got into those kind and poked out the lenses they were the 3D kind they are cute. i'll comment later on something maybe unless you feel this is untolerable


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