Thursday, June 10, 2010

Off To Africa!


Quite an interesting time getting through Heathrow yesterday for my flight to Jozi. My fiancé leaned forward to get to her bag at the same time as our 5 year old and his head collided with her nose, breaking it.

Of course, as any parent knows, when kids do this kind of thing it's always at the worst possible time. There is no such thing as the child who breaks something you don't really need that much anyway, or who throws a tantrum when you're feeling extra spiritual and loving and ready to handle it. They only break things you need that day and don't have time to run to the store to replace, and they only throw tantrums when your blood sugar is low or someplace where you'll be embarrassed by it. They have exquisite timing when it comes to breaking you down. So her nose was broken exactly one minute before we were supposed to leave the lounge and walk 10 minutes to our gate.

And the icing on the cake? Later, after we were in the air the fiancé was more or less settled into a good dull throbbing pain instead of the sharp stabbing kind, the kid went to kiss his Mom and tell her he was sorry but leaned in before she was ready and hit her in the nose again.

So a nasty start to our trip, and certain future therapy for the kid. It might hit around when he's 30 or so when he's wondering why he feels so much guilt in his relationships with women.

But I gained some insight from all this while in my role as a supportive observer. I reckon that as Jesus suffered on the cross, when he screamed out "Father, Father, why did you forsake me?", God probably answered "Because you broke my nose when you were five."



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  1. I was wondering if you were going to photograph this World Cup. Take pictures and comment on what you see out and about in South Africa. Its a world that Americans don't know.

  2. Ouchies, kinda reminds me of that phenomenon where if you bite your tongue once, chances are you'll bite it again soon after. Hopefully your fiance's nose is left well alone from hereon! Maybe you should consider wrapping your son's head in cotton wool or something, just as a precaution? xD

  3. I once broke my nose in a soccer match and it is certainly a painful hassle. Boarding a plane 10 minutes after it happens? You've got yourself a trouper, Drew.

  4. Hey Drew, I just saw you on The Price Is Right, and you look great! I'm sure that you must feel fantastic. I'm happy for you!

  5. Oh MAN!!!! at least the kid didn't end up on a no frikkin fly list!!!! yet...heh heh

    have a blast there man!! ill be looking for you on the tv!


  6. I am sure you will both laugh when you look back on the nose breaking and will clearly bring that up and remind your son about it many times during his life time.

    Enjoy your trip! Go USA!

  7. Oh no! I'm sure it will be something you can laugh about sooner hopefully rather than later. Let's look at it this way. All the bad stuff has already happened on your trip and the rest will be smooth sailing!

  8. Somehow, I have a feeling most of Jesus' issues have to do with his mother. He is a good Jewish boy after all...

  9. DC United @ Sounders FC or Mexico v South Africa. A hard choice no doubt, but we made sure to get a video of the tifo in Seattle.

    USA & Seattle wants to host the World Cup!

  10. Drew:You are so right when you say that kids do things at the worst times! But, it's not always the kids doing those things to their parents, but they can sure do crazy things to each other too! I remember as a child,my family went to visit Borrego Springs Nat'l.Park with my cousins.Philip was 10 and so was I.He was always so full of energy that it was hard to keep an eye on him.(thank goodness my children were easy to handle).Philip started running down this steep hill, which was full of the Jumping Cholla cactus,while I ambled carefully down.Of course, he fell, right smack dab into one of the Chollas.He let out this cry; it must have hurt so badly, and we went running to help him up.There was cactus all over him.When we tried to get the spines out,the large pieces actually jumped and got attached to various parts of everyone!What a fiasco.We finally managed to clean ourselves of all the spines, and continued on our expedition to conquer Borrego Springs. Along the way,we saw this strange little man, sitting with some other people and his chin was trembling.He looked so sad.Years later we all looked upon that trip as the place never to visit again,even though it was beautiful and stark.I recall writing a poem about the trip:
    When you have cactus in your life,
    And cactus in your skin,
    Think of the Borrego Trip,
    Think of the man with the trembling chin.
    I now live in Apple Valley, and guess what? There is,rather was,Cholla on my ranch.I got the shovel out and moved it to a place where it can grow and flourish all by itself without getting in anyone's way and sharing it's spines. My desert tortoises love to eat the stuff. I can't see how they can chew on those spines without getting poked.Anyway,congrats on your engagement.She's a very lucky woman, and how fun to have a son!Best of luck to you Drew.I'm glad I found this blog.I saw you on Lopez Tonight, and laughed so hard.You look great!Keep on making people laugh.That's what Red Skelton told me once while he was shopping in my Dad's Pharmacy in Palm Springs in the 1970's.Now there was someone who was very funny.Love ya Drew.Have fun on your trip.Hope your Fiance's nose is feeling better.

  11. The up side (and there is always an up side) - A broken nose will keep the mind from dwelling on those popping ear-drums, stiff swollen ankles and the life threatening Deep Vein Thrombosis.
    And on the 'it could have been worse honey' side of things . . . er, nuh. Maybe DVT would have been better.


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