Friday, June 11, 2010

WC2010 Opener at Soccer City in Joburg

10:45 AM. Stuck in traffic (natch) but not minding it. The party is definitely on here. People blowing those f-ing vuvuzela horns out of their cars, flags waving, people yelling and smiling, vendors weaving in and out of traffic selling whatever someone could put a South African flag on. The game isn't until 4, and the opening ceremony isn't until 2, but everyone is already pouring in. We're all trying to beat the traffic. It's going to be an all-day party.

6:20 PM. Well, you're all aware of the game so I won't bother with a recap. I will say that the 1-1 result was fair given how poorly each team played in the first half. And I loved how Blanco gave the ball away on his first touch. Hee hee.

And, according to George Dohrmann, a writer for, Vera WAS offside. Read why here. But don't try telling it to any of the Mexicans I was sitting with. I was in a luxury suite with a bunch of South African and Mexican fans. About half and half. There was a TV inside the suite showing the broadcast, but no sound. So when everyone (okay, just me and the Mexicans) rushed back to see the replay they were all pissed over what everyone in my luxury suite was a blown call. Of course, Dohrmann from is right. He was offside.

In the suite next to ours on our left was a bunch of drunk South Africans. On our right, a suite full of drunk Mexicans. At one point in the second half, a Mexican player missed a shot and one of the drunk South Africans stood up and yelled across at the drunk Mexicans "So Sorry for Yooouuuuu!". And then he forgot that the seats on the chairs spring up when not occupied and fell right on his ass when he went to sit down. It was pretty funny. We laughed for about 5 minutes. Nothing like a drunk falling down to lift your spirits.

I'm glad we got there early. There was a footbridge across the road next to the stadium that everyone had to cross to get from the parking lot. I'm including pictures of it from during the day and after the game. When I took the day pictures there was hardly anyone there because we were so early. So we were lucky. On the way out, though it was jammed. The crowd moved steadily along, but it was shoulder to shoulder and chest to back.

Gotta get going. Next game starts in 30 minutes.




  1. Looking forward to your WC posts. Will you be there for the whole month?

  2. Love it Drew! The reporters always sanitize the interesting parts out of the stories. And yes, clearly offside. Not even close really.

    So are you rooting for or against Switzerland? :)

  3. Wish I could be there. By the way, just who the heck is covering The Price is Right in your absence?!?! *Cut to studio audience looting the Showcase Showdown while Rich Fields screams futilely into the PA*

  4. Fun stuff.. Glad that you're letting us experience it vicariously through your blog. Thanks!

  5. What I want to know is how a pool photographer at the last World Cup managed to score himself a sweet executive box for this one.
    Talked to Sepp did you? Greased some palms there..?

    Get back to work Carey.

  6. Drew - Thanks for the updates. Keep 'em coming.

  7. Interesting insights and pics.

  8. I can hear those vuvzuela horns on the TV broadcasts. It sounds like the entire stadium is being attacked by bees.

    I just looked them up and apparently Hyundai has a 114 feet long one that runs on seveeral air horns and will be blown at the start of every match. Yikes!

  9. Hi Drew,

    Thanks for being giving us 9-to-5-ers a view of the action. You're the best.

  10. Nooooo, Drew!!! He wasn't offside!!!


    love the pics...

    cheers from Mexico...

    Huge Drew Carrey Show fan!! =)

  11. Welcome To SA, Mr Carey! We are proud to have you here! VIVA!, Regards Vanessa - a Big Fan!

  12. Drew, I love your writing and your blog! Pictures are wonderful! I continue to look forward to your next post.

  13. How was the game? Wish I was there!
    Thanks, for hosting Salt Lake Fans last year for the RSL Cup, Love Seattle!

  14. Enjoying your posts!! Bring me a coke can!! :) I'm in LA and I can pick it up - haha!

  15. Drew - so happy to see you atleast blogging the WC this year. Your witty insights from 06 made us all laugh (my kids and I). We not only looked forward to every game, but all your pre and post-game posts. Since you've now been to both (2010 and 2006), you need to blog a comparison. Keep it up - Dfans in FL.

  16. Loving the blog so far, Drew.

  17. Hi Drew,

    I'm not here to talk soccer, but TPIR. Saw Rat Race. I like that the rats are colorful and not furry. I thought they were going to look like Zhu Zhu Pets. They sort of remind me of Hungry Hungry Hippos color wise.

  18. Drew, I love your blog. You write so well. Sorry, I did not know you could write so wonderful. Consider me a new fan just based on your writing skills. I eagerly await your next post.

    ps. Thanks to you, I now have my blog too.


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