Thursday, June 25, 2009

Comments Back On - and are now Moderated

I couldn't figure out how to delete an already posted comment without turning the comments back on first. Didn't want the comment that caused me to turn them off in the first place to be displayed even for a second, so I just deleted the post. It was the one with the pics of all the models. Will try to re-post those sooner than later.

Meanwhile, I have the "moderate comments always" button on, so hopefully this won't happen again. Thanks everyone!

More posts coming soon. Have some Second Life stuff to share, plus soccer and Dan Harmon.



  1. Glad you figured out how to moderate the posts, Drew. Unfortunately, welcome to the world of celebrity blogging, as in you found out what happens when celebrities blog. You get the 'telephone pole screamers' crawling out from under every visible rock

  2. Hey Drew, thanks for putting the comments back up. As you say, hopefully there won't be any more problems.

  3. Drew you are a class act, Keep up the great work on the Price is Right. You are an inspiration to me. I want to be in show buisness one day. I've been a fan of yours since the Drew Carey Show. You were the perfect replacement for Bob Barker. Cheers Drew, Cheers.

  4. I think I've said this over and over, but I can't stress it enough for me to say that I am very humbled to have been able to attend some "Price is Right" tapings around four weeks ago (May 25th-27th were the dates in question). You and your colleagues at the show help make it fun and interesting to watch again, and yes, I get tripped up by the newer prizes (I overbid a Showcase for the 2nd time this week), but that's the fun part of the show.

    I am definitely looking forward to coming back to see the show next year--hopefully either in late-May again or during my spring break. Keep on working your magic!

    Corpus Christi, TX

    P.S.: Spain sure did play the U.S. like they just got out of a "Price is Right" taping--they were wiped out! Go USA!!

  5. Drew, so glad you were able to turn the comments back on. I've loved The Price is Right my whole life and it's even better since you've been the host.
    Your biggest fan,

  6. Thanks everyone! Good to be back. - DC

  7. I've long said, "Drew Carey is living the life I was supposed to have."

  8. Glad you were able to find a workaround. There's always a few people who'll try to get their kicks by p--sing someone off for a little attention.

    I'm glad you're blogging, Drew. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say. I've always enjoyed your writing and hope you do another book someday. The short stories in 'Dirty Jokes and Beer' were great.

  9. I'm sorry about those people, Drew. I actually am one of the telephone pole screamers--really fun to show them telephone poles whose boss--but I completely dissaprove of anyone coming to your personal blog to attack you or anyone you work with.

    It was nice of you to show us some pictures from the upcoming season. I'm worried about the changes, but I also worry easily. Worry comes just so naturally to me. I mean, I'm still disappointed from when they changed Any Number's set twenty-three years ago! Then again, I also loved when they changed Danger Price's set also twenty-three years ago... so I guess all I can do is wait and see. Will I love it? Will I hate it? Or will I just be "eh, this is kinda' nice, but all the hubbub was kinda' silly." Guess I'll see.

  10. Drew,

    As a member of that certain TPIR "fan" site, I must apologize for that rude offensive comment that was posted a few days ago. That person was WAY out of line.

    Loved The Price is Right as long as I can remember, and it's good to know that you are actively involved in the show. I love the variety in prizes; it keeps the show fresh.

    Good luck in Season 38,
    Damion D. Laverne

  11. Drew Carey!!! You are so amazing! Keep up the awesome work on TPiR. I, like John above, had the pleasure to be in the audience with you as host waaaay back in season 36. Plus I was a contestant during Bob's last year, and I must say, I had such a blast at the show when you were the host. I hope you'll be able to still keep us posted on the happenings at CBS! BTW, GO SOUNDERS!

  12. If not for the dumb circumstances that precipitated it, your post explaining the comments being turned off was hilarious. It is quite a shame to have to shut your two-way conversation down not even 48 hours after the grand opening, but I'm glad your enthusiasm hasn't taken a hit.

    I look forward to hearing more on your views and behind-the-scenes insight in the days ahead. Happy blogging!

  13. Glad you turned the comments back on.

    I must say agreed with everything you said. As a former member of that site that was banned for, hell, I don't remember, I think for calling someone blind, I'm also pleased that you did acknowledge it's not all of them on that site. It's just a small VERY VOCAL and FREQUENT POSTING minority. They mean well, but they just can't express their opinions in a productive way that is accepting that change has come to TPIR.

    By the way, the telephone pole screaming thing was a riot.

    Now about you. I can honestly say, I have had more fun watching TPIR with you at the helm than I have in a long time. You make the show much more enjoyable with your quick wit. The comment the other week about how you protected Ohio from the Commies in the Marine Reserves was hilarious. You and Craig Ferguson are my type of humor.

    Keep up the great work and do an audience entrance once in while and more in the audience calldowns. They look cool.

    Here's to you Drew!

  14. Drew's an ass! Drew smells like coffee and feet!

    I had to post that in case conspiracy theories start that you are only allowing comments that are positive of you.

  15. == JAY to DREW: ==
    Hey, hey, HEEEYYY!!! It's Dah-REEEEWWW CAREY!!
    Welcome to Blogger Central, baby!! :D

    Love your page AND the pix of you and da' ladies!! *AND* I even saw Rich DiPirro!! NICE!!

    You and Lanisha should post more PiR pix often!!
    Those rock big time... mean that!!

    KEEP IT UP!!

    The roof - the roof... you know da' rest!!
    Stay wikkid and as always... spay and neuter.

    Jason out!
    See ya... sissyyyyyeee!! (X-CLAN, baby!)*


    (* = PS: XCLAN's "Professor X" the Overseer... he coined that; now, I use that in his honor)

    PPS: Gaby Tuite is AWESOME (Brandi, Phire and the rest too) -- still have the glossies, baby!!

  16. Drew...I just wanted to say thanks for re-enabling comments. I know just as well as anyone else that you didn't have to give us the privilege of posting comments on your blog in the first place. I appreciate a second chance. :)

    As a member of that particular fan site you talk about, I just wanted to bring over the truth of the matter: you've done a DAMN good job so far knowing you had such big shoes to fill. Above all, you've done what you should've: made the show your own. I can't knock you for that.

    Keep on keeping on, and I'll keep watching because I love the show and how you're doing. I'll be watching the finale tomorrow, and I can't wait to see the Season 38 Premiere on September 21!

    Long live Price! Long live Drew! :)


  17. Drew, good to have the comments back. We're really glad you're "taking it to the fans", as I alluded to in a post on my own blog. I watch the show online during the school year (I teach) and on TV during the summer, even catching rerun shows. I've loved this show since 1972 and can't imagine a world without "come on down". Thank you for what you and the show's staff are doing to keep it fresh and vibrant.

  18. Hey Drew! I'm just disappointed at people who refuse to accept that the show is moving forward in the case of "The Price is Right" (wrote a little blog post on the dilemma myself :D ), but if it hadn't been for you, the show would've dragged and essentially would've been in a time-stick. Thank you so much for what you and the Drew Crew have done!

  19. Drew, thanks for turning the comments back on. There's a diff between candor and letting the patients run the proverbial asylum. (The telephone pole line was a riot!) Thanks for inviting the fans back to the party.

  20. I'm happy that you decided to put your comments back on. This is a problem with a lot of celebrity blogs.

    Are you going to write about Cleveland related sports like the Browns and Cavs?

    Just wondering...

    Take care Drew. ;)

  21. Dan Harmon is one half of a god-damned genius, the other half being Rob Schrab. For those who don't know their names, they wrote the opening "budget" musical montage for the Oscars this year, and are the deranged maniacs behind busted pilot and viral sensation "Heat Vision and Jack". Look it up - your brain will love you for the rest of your life.

    If you're working on a project of some kind with them, it'd be massively cool.

  22. Not that you need to do this, but the thing i do is see the comments once they're posted in my e-mail and if necessary, delete them. But whatever works for you.

    Must say I love the CD with the music for the drew Carey Show with all three themes. I was on JEOPARDY! and What is Five O'Clock World? was the question that I got correctly, thanks to you.

  23. Hey Drew! Glad to see you joined the "Blogosphere" ! ;) Looking forward to reading your stuff! Later!

  24. Don't you fancy Hollywood types have people to, I dunno, take care of trouble makers? Like, you pick up the phone in between being fed grapes by buxom concubines, and give "your people" a name, and the problem goes away? 'Nuff said. In fact, I've probably said too much. Don Carey, please, I intended no disrespect...


    Good to see comments back on. Illigitimus non carborundum.

  25. Drew:I wanted to congratulate you on your engagement!! How special!! I wanted to tell you in person on the show, but I have been ill and can't make it fast enough to, "Come on Down!". Maybe I'll just have to stop kibbitzing about how I want to go to the show, and just go. (Yes, I'm Jewish). I wish you two the best. (Man am I jealous!!) Just kidding. I am up in the High Desert, and if you're ever on the way to Vegas, give me a shout and come visit. You can even ride a horse if you want!! Keep in touch, and keep doing an awesome job on the show. How's Mimi doing? You should have her on again as a model. I saw your posts about Fiddler. That movie I grew up on, and sometimes I wish my parents had made a deal with a man to marry me! Maybe I would not have ended up in divorce! I have two wonderful daughters, 25and 22 and they are my Hollywood kids. The older one loves to sing and play guitar; like Jewel, and the other, well, now she loves to work on diesel engines!! That's ok though. It's cool that she loves that stuff.
    Anyway, got to go feed the horses. Love ya, and hope to one day meet you in person so I can give you a great big hug!!!
    Beth Dempsey
    Happy Hooves Rescue and Education Center.
    (I'm a Teacher, and want to start Life Science Programs here on my ranch. Funding seems impossible now, as I gave up my nonprofit to change the rescue's name. Not going to give up though).
    Love you guys.

  26. Hi Drew: Thanks so much for allowing the posts to continue. It only takes one to mess everything up, and hopefully now people will mind their tongue when writing to this group.
    I am a huge fan of yours; huge, and watch TPIR every day. I get such a kick out of some of the contestants when they realise they have gotten the correct answer. One woman ran up on stage so fast and hugged you I thought she'd knock you over! See, you are well loved!!!
    Will you ever have a 'Drew Carey Show' Reunion? That would be so funny to see all your cast together again.
    Also, Who's Line Is It Anyway would be wonderful to bring back as a special. I never laughed so hard watching a show since the Carol Burnett Show was on. Hey, she would be a great guest to have on there too.
    All you guys were so good together, especially when the 'piano player lady' (can't remember her name!!) would play and you guys would have to come up with the lyrics. My daughter and I were laughing so hard we couldn't get our breath! It's good to laugh Drew, and during this trying time in my life; my health, finances, etc. I want to laugh all day long. Makes me forget about the depressing stuff for awhile.
    Thanks so much for putting a smile on my face Drew. You have a fan for life.
    Love Ya,
    Beth from Apple Valley


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