Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I'm sorry to say I had to turn off the comments section of my blog tonight. (And I've only posted a few times!) Someone called a former co-worker of mine who I loved a horrible bigoted name and I won't have it. I won't have that kind of thing spread around the world via me.

I'm very new at blogging and I'm learning how to use blogger on my own by intuition (and a couple of reference books I just bought two days ago). I don't know how to delete individual hateful comments (or if I even can) and I don't have time to moderate them all. I have a job and a 4 year old to play with at home. So until I can get someone else to moderate or figure out how to scrub away the stain, comments are off. Sorry.

What bugs me the most is that it was all spill-over from a TPIR "fan" site that seems, at first glance, to be chock full of people that are metaphorically out on the street with their pants down yelling at a telephone pole. It's not, totally. But like it always happens, a few people start screaming at telephone poles and next thing you know you can't hear yourself talk. And a couple of them were treating my blog like it was nothing more than another thread on their message board, and then the one guy went over what, over there probably isn't even a line, but over here is. I'm trying to have fun here and let fans in on what's happening on the show, okay? Not moderate your arguments. Seriously. You can hate what I do, hate the show, whatever. But let's be civil and have a reasoned discussion. I won't tolerate people pooping in my pool while I'm trying to splash around with my friends and get some sun.

I can't wait for PriceIsRight.com to start up in a couple of months, btw. It will solve so many communication problems. All fans will have a home there. New fans, old fans, critical fans, everyone. And I'll be on the message boards there constantly (along with everyone else on the production staff). We'll try to answer every question, deal with every conspiracy theory, and debunk or authenticate every rumor. And finally, fans will have a place to go and get first-hand news about the show, instead of unfounded speculation that ends up not being true from a guy who claims to know a guy who knows a guy. And we'll find a way to control the telephone pole screamers so the rest of us can enjoy our cocktails and chat. Sometimes we'll agree, sometimes we'll agree to disagree. But at least we'll be able to, at long last, discuss the show reasonably and intelligently.

Again, most of you are cooler than hell. I'm touched by the love I receive here. But that last dude... wow. Take it down the road, pal.

And this kerfuffle is just from one Price Is Right post! Wait until I start blogging about soccer. Hoo-wee. I'm going to need two moderators just for the guys from Toronto. :)

Comments back on when I get help moderating them or find my answer in my Blogger For Dummies book. :) Meanwhile... peace.


  1. Glad the comments are back, Drew. Don't let jerks ruin your day, or your blog!

  2. I won't. And didn't. :) The comment was directed at a friend of mine anyway, not me. I just don't want any of that kind of hate flowing through here out into the world. Know what I mean? :)

  3. Hi Drew,
    I've been watching TPiR pretty much my whole life (I'm 19)- for as long as I remember anyway. I've always loved every little thing about the show. As I'm watching at home, I find myself complaining about some of the things I see and I feel like I should just tell you what I'm thinking. Believe me, it's not all bad at all. You do some things on the show that are amazing (talking/dancing to the models is one that comes to mind immediately).
    You truly are one of the last people I'd have ever thought of to replace Bob Barker when he retired, and to be very honest with you, I was mad at first as well. But, I must say upfront, that the Drew Carey I seen on October 15th, 2007 and the one I watched yesterday (June 25th, 2009) are two COMPLETELY different people (as far as hosting TPiR) - in a very positive way. You've improved by like a thousand times, but I'm still, for lack of a better term, "annoyed" with a few things, and they are pretty small things compared to the big picture. My biggest pet peeve is the Pricing Game "It's in the Bag". You call it "In the Bag" on the show, and I know I'm being incredibly picky and all, but it drives me crazy. The other thing that "annoys" me is throwing to commerical. Spice it up a little; and do different things.
    Finally, I'd like to offer you just ONE tip - I know Bob told you not to imitate him when hosting the show and I agree; however, try to build up a little more excitement when making a big reveal (games like Punch-a-Punch are really exicitng with a big reveal). I've noticed lately that reveals in games like Money Game are more exciting because you sneak up with the numbers. If there's any one thing I think you can learn from Bob, it's the false reveal. Don't do it exactly like Bob, add your little Drew Carey twist to it. The false reveal (just to clarify, it's like psyching the contestant out with build-up) can only be done on TPiR, and I personally feel you should embrace it.

    I'm sorry if I've offended you with anything I've said, but I think it's important that you know how a true fan of TPiR feels. If it's any indication that, overall, I've really come to accept you as TPiR's host it's this: I'll be taking a trip to LA in February to see the show.

    Congratulations on the beginning of your third season on TPiR. There's nowhere to go but up!

    All the Best,

    Jeremy D
    Ontario, Canada

    P.S. Could you ask them to bring back the light border at the show's opening - it REALLY gives the show that classic warm feeling when you flip over the channel :)

    And I'm not sure if you're allowed to disclose stuff like this, but could you tell us what happened to Pricing Games like Triple Play, 3 Strikes & Barker's Bargain Bar? They're of my favorite games on the show. I completely understand if you're unable to disclose such info.

  4. One option is to sign up for Haloscan. Follow the directions to add to your blog. It's a 3rd party comment moderating system. A cool feature beyond moderation and filtering is that if you ever choose to move your blog, you can carry the comments with you. There are other programs out there, too, I'm sure.

    But more importantly, are there really TPIR conspiracy theories? Whoa.

  5. Hey Drew! Just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I’m enjoying your blog. New to blogger myself - there’s definitely a learning curve. But you’re doing an awesome job. Page looks really nice, and your entries are always entertaining.

    Sorry about the jerk. But glad you have the comments back up now and didn’t let that poo poo head ruin things for you (keeping it clean here with the language). ;)

    And loved, LOVED the shout out to Bob’s Burbank in another entry. I’m a Burbank native, grew up at that place. Mmmmmm . . . chili spaghetti with garlic bread. Mmmmmmmm . . . .

    Kathy :)

  6. Heya, Drew. I'm 53, so I've watched Price since the Bill Cullen days. You're doing just fine on the show, doing it in your own style and having fun (something Bill told Bob Barker when CBS brought it back in '72). Don't change anything because some "my way or the highway" ninnies insist on it.

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  8. Drew! Love you and love your show. So glad you are changing it for the better! I record it everyday, why? love you and love your show! Keep up the good work!


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